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WaterOz was created to satisfy the need for mineral supplementation in todays diet

Note; WaterOz has failed to return communications since 9/25/20...
Looks like it is RIP WaterOz, if they manage to get their act together will send a notification out to the list.
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Affordable supplements information courtesy of WaterOz Mineral Supplements

If you purchase vitamins and other nutritional products such as mineral supplements on a regular basis, then you no doubt have an interest in "affordable supplements". Herbs, vitamins, and minerals can all be very expensive and cheaper brands may not contain pure ingredients and be full of fillers. Something else to keep in mind with mineral supplements in the pill form are not easily dissolved by the digestive system and pass right though the colon un-dissolved. The WaterOz mineral supplements are ionic in a pure water base and are completely assimilated by the body. Affordable supplements don’t have to be less effective and be made from lower quality ingredients.

When shopping for vitamins and other dietary supplements, be sure to compare brands and select the ones that offer the best quality for the price. Even with more expensive brands you are not assured that their products meet high quality standards. You can’t always rely on product testimonials, because who is sponsoring these testimonials, the company right? The product testimonials on the WaterOz site are just a very minute sampling of the thousands of similar letters we have received over the years. So always be careful and do your homework buying affordable supplements only from reputable companies; otherwise it’s just your money going down the drain!

WaterOz Mineral Supplements - nothing but ionic minerals suspended in pure water!

Affordable supplements can be found online from various retail sites such as This company offers a wide variety of affordable mineral supplements for everything from easing cancer symptoms to hair loss. WaterOz was established in 1991 in the Clearwater Valley of the Idaho Mountains. Other popular supplements include such things as body detoxification patches, fat burners, appetite suppressants, energy boosters, protein shakes, protein bars. Many companies stand behind their products and offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

Fitness and diet are very important to having and maintaining a healthy body, and subsequently living a long healthy life because of it. Taking vitamins, minerals and other health supplements is a huge part of this craze, and finding quality affordable supplements has never been easier. Local vitamin and natural grocers are popping up in neighborhoods all over the country, and are offering health enthusiasts a great variety of affordable supplements and other means to living a better life through diet, nutrition, and fitness. It’s back to the basics for many people, and this means eating good, staying active, and avoiding things that are bad for us. Affordable supplements fit very nicely into this plan as well.
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