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WaterOz was created to satisfy the need for mineral supplementation in todays diet

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Information and resources on bottled water services from WaterOz Mineral Supplements

I usually don't pay much attention to the results of medical studies that proclaim something or other is bad for my health. Yes, I already know I should lay off the double cheeseburgers and extra large french fries for lunch. But I have to admit that there are some warnings that I do heed, and that includes anything that has to do with the drinking water I consume. As soon as I discovered how many contaminants and chemicals could be present in the so called water that comes out of the tap, I decided to check out a "bottled water service".

I used to think that only businesses could pay for monthly bottled water service. While that may have been true a decade ago, that's definitely not the case today. More and more people are realizing just how important it is to have a convenient source of pure, refreshing water at home as well as at the office. At the same time, bottled water service providers are realizing that homeowners represent their largest market, so they've tailored their packages to fit individual and family needs. As a result, I was able to sign up for home bottled water service that fit both my usage requirements and my budget.

If you're thinking about getting bottled water service for your home or office, here are some things to look for. First of all, check out what's included in the fees that you have to pay. Most of the time, you can explain your estimated usage and get a quote over the phone. However, you have to bear in mind that there's a lot more to bottled water service than just the water. For instance, there's also the matter of the cooler, cups, and maintenance.

Before signing a contract, make sure you know what you're paying for. Also, you should ask if there is any flexibility to the plans. If you know there are certain features you won't use, ask if you can eliminate those from your plan for less money. You may also consider the fact that the quantity of the bottled water you consume will raise and fall during the course of the year, most people will consume more water in the hot summer months.

A second thing you should look for is what's in the fine print. Some bottled water services assess fees and penalties if your actual usage varies from the amount stated in your plan. In addition, there is likely a cancellation fee associated with opting out of the contract. If you simply want to try out the bottled water service for a while, then it's best not to sign a long-term contract. The more you know about the companies bottled water service plan right from the start, the less chance there will be of encountering problems later on.

Ever since I signed up for bottled water service at my home, I've noticed a distinct improvement in the taste of my coffee, my tea, and even my cooking. And of course I feel much better knowing that my water is as clean and pure as can be!
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