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WaterOz was created to satisfy the need for mineral supplementation in todays diet

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Information and resources on minerals for kids from WaterOz Mineral Supplements

WaterOz Mineral Waters may be added to your child’s favorite fruit juice

Nutrition is an important consideration regardless of age. Choosing vitamins and minerals for kids is important. Most children will want the supplement they recently saw advertised on television but it is important for parents to consider the vitamin and minerals that their child needs to grow up strong and healthy.

Most vitamins and minerals for kids come packaged in the form of television or movie characters. Most adults were introduced to this as well at an early age. Their parents purchased vitamins that tasted like candy and were shaped like the latest action hero. The daily dose of vitamin and minerals for kids was a highly anticipated event in many households as this was the closest thing to candy most children got on a daily basis.

The vitamin and minerals for kids today are virtually the same. They come in many popular flavors including cherry and grape and because they have a familiar shape the child enjoys taking them. Not all vitamin and minerals for kids are created equal though and the benefits of what they contain far outweigh how fun and appealing they are to eat.

Children’s bodies are different than adults. Their organs and muscles are still developing and it is important that they receive adequate nutrition to help that process. Many children are choosy eaters and therefore the vitamins and minerals for kids can be even more important to them.

WaterOz Mineral Waters are suspended in ionic solution and are completely absorbable in the body

Parents should ask the child’s doctor what he or she recommends as a supplement that contains the dose of vitamins and minerals that the child needs. Not all supplements supply the same amount of vitamins and minerals for kids and it can be harmful to give your child things they do not need.

There is also a difference in the amount of vitamins and minerals for kids of different ages. Obviously a three-year-old will require a smaller dosage than a ten-year-old. Although they may require the same vitamins and minerals the amount is an important consideration.

Once the doctor has advised the parent on which supplement contains the vitamins and minerals for kids of the age group they have, the parent can then choose one their child will take. It is useless to pick a supplement that your child refuses to take.

Vitamins and minerals for kids that are chewable are usually the best choice. Most children have difficulty swallowing a tablet and actually enjoy chewing the vitamin because of the fruity taste. Therefore it can be wise to take the child to the store with you and give them several choices. If the supplement contains the vitamins and minerals for kids that the doctor suggests and the child is excited about taking them, you have made the right choice.
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