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WaterOz was created to satisfy the need for mineral supplementation in todays diet

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Tinnitus treatments information courtesy of WaterOz Mineral Supplements

Some of our WaterOz customers report that our manganese mineral supplement helps to ease their tinnitus symptoms

My husband has been employed as a sheet metal worker for almost two decades. He works in very harsh conditions since there is no heating or air conditioning in the plant. However, the noise has been the biggest problem he faces. Tinnitus is a condition that affects hearing and many of the workers who spend a lot of their time in a loud factory will tell you that finding a tinnitus treatment that actually works is nearly impossible.

The confusing thing about the condition is the actual effect it has on the ear. The person who has tinnitus does not lose his hearing. He actually hears too much. There is a constant static, ringing or other humming sounds continuously playing in the background. This background noise makes it difficult for the individual to concentrate or hear other, more important things.

I began my search for an effective tinnitus treatment for my husband after one incident that made me empathetic to his hearing problem. We were settling in to sleep and I turned off the television that is perched on a shelf in the corner of the bedroom. After about fifteen minutes of listening to him rustle around, I finally asked why he couldn’t sleep.

“The silence is too loud,” he painfully stated. He then asked that I turn the television back on so he could drown out the sound. I was shocked that the humming from the tinnitus condition was loud enough to keep him awake and even more shocked that he needed noise to fall asleep. This spurned me to find a tinnitus treatment that worked for him. Unfortunately, my search came up cold. There is no real tinnitus treatment that has proved to be effective beyond a doubt. However, we have made some simple changes that serve as a type of tinnitus treatment. These little changes have made a significant difference in my husband’s hearing problem.

First of all we considered when the condition acts up. If you have the most trouble after being in a noisy atmosphere, try avoiding the loud conditions. This meant that we had to forgo going to see our favorite blues band every week but the occasional concert isn’t a problem for him. In addition, my husband has a little quite time. He takes a little extra time in the shower or he listens to some soft music or he’ll watch a sporting event without cranking up the volume. This low-volume down time has been pretty effective as a tinnitus treatment.

There are some medications to avoid taking as well so it is wise to consult with your doctor about your tinnitus before taking any prescription drugs. He may have an alternative that won’t cause buzzing in the ears. Some of our WaterOz customers report that our manganese mineral supplement helps to ease their tinnitus symptoms.
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