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Treatments for Autism information courtesy of WaterOz Mineral Supplements

WaterOz Indium mineral supplement has been reported as beneficial to autistic children

Parents who have a child diagnosed within the autism spectrum of disorders are hard pressed to find treatments for autism that actually work. There are a number of different approaches but only a few have proved to be effective in the successful treatments for autism and related pervasive developmental disorders. Two successful approaches are Applied Behavioral Analysis and Sensory Integration.

Autistic disorder is a relatively new disorder as far as diagnostic classification is concerned. The condition first appears as an actual diagnosis in the 1980’s. Autistic disorder is one of five pervasive developmental disorders that have emerged on the diagnostic scene in the past three decades. There is little wonder that treatments for autism are still in development and research funds are not adequate. Autism was previously lumped in with mental retardation. However, the two conditions are very different. Treatments for autism are vastly different from treatments for mental retardation. Unfortunately, many people still look at pervasive developmental disorders in the same light as mental retardation.

One significant method among the various treatments for autism is Applied Behavioral Analysis. In a nutshell, this approach breaks tasks down into small steps. The student is given a direction or command and if he gives the appropriate response, he is immediately rewarded with something that is very motivating for him. This helps the child know which response to repeat. For example, many therapists begin with a “come sit” at the table command. The therapist uses as few words as possible so there is less information to process. If the child sits at the table, he gets praise, a treat or a game. The reward system is prevalent is most treatments for autism.

Sensory integration is often rewarding in itself. This is one of the most popular treatments for autism simply because it is enjoyable. Autistic individuals have difficulty processing some sensory information. Basically, they don’t know what to block out and what to absorb so their senses can become overwhelmed. A child may have difficulty processing movement because his system is blocking out the information he needs. When sensory integration is used as treatments for autism it helps the child process motion by engaging him in activities like swinging or spinning. These activities help him focus on movement. They also prove to be enjoyable for the therapist and for the child.

Applied Behavior Analysis is a wonderful tool for teaching appropriate behavior like eye contact and waiting turns. Sensory integration is a wonderful tool for teaching a child how to navigate through his environment. Together, these treatments for autism have helped many autistic children function to their greatest capacity.
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