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WaterOz Is out of business, the founder, David Hinkson passed in February 2022.
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Weight loss information and resources from WaterOz Mineral Supplements

WaterOz mineral supplements Chromium and Vanadium mineral supplements have helped others achieve their weight loss goals

Weight loss is something almost everyone struggles with sooner or later. The search for the best diet or the most effective exercise regiment can last for years. On the surface, it seems like the concern is appearance and looking fit in the eyes of others. You've got to impress "them," right? In order to be successful, happy and attract that life long mate, you have to look good and feel good about yourself.

This is partially true, however, looking fit (worthy) is really about getting in touch with your own self-worth, accessing a deeper worth that is not derived from your appearance. "Weight loss " is not the only concern you should have. You don not have to let go of the quest to lose weight, but more importantly keep focused on your overall health and self-esteem.

As you are trying to lose weight, the above question usually lies beneath the quest you are on. Since it is there anyway, I am suggesting you make it even more conscious. Make weight loss more of a priority. Make self-acceptance and your general health just as equal in importance to weight loss.

When you make self-acceptance the goal, along with the weight loss, you open a door towards feeling much better emotionally. You begin to realize that there are other ways to solve this problem, aside from just dieting and exercising. Going for true self-worth gets you to stare the problem right in its eyes. You then start to uncover the core issues of your over weight problem.

It is advised that you seek help if many wounds are surfacing. There are many great books and resources on weight loss, self-esteem, body image, and true self-acceptance that will take you in new directions. But the problem and its solution start with you. What I am saying here is that the real problem is not how to lose weight, or what to eat, etc. the real problem is really self-judgment. What else can it be?

The over weight person only feels bad in the eyes of others if you are looking at your self through judgmental eyes. When you take off your "glasses" of self-judgment, no matter how thick they are, then you will have gotten to the root of the weight problem. You remove self-judgment about your body image or anything for that matter, by noticing how unhelpful it is, and simultaneously finding ways to successful weight loss accompanied with long term results and the self-esteem naturally follows.
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