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WaterOz was created to satisfy the need for mineral supplementation in todays diet

Note; WaterOz has failed to return communications since 9/25/20...
Looks like it is RIP WaterOz, if they manage to get their act together will send a notification out to the list.
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Body Alkalizer (alkaline) by WaterOz

The Active Ingredient Is Sodium Hydroxide

What Is Body Alkalizer (alkaline) by WaterOz?

The Body Alkalizer (alkaline) is essentially a form of liquid that when added to water will change the value thereof to an alkaline. The basis behind this is to reverse the aging that occurs in one's body because of the accumulation of non-disposed cellular waste in the system. Since waste products are carried out by the blood and disposed of in a liquid form, drinking the proper kind of water is a definite must. Alkaline water works on a cellular level-meaning it causes the waste products accumulated in the cell to be removed from the system via perspiration or urine. It also raises your own pH levels, bringing your body to a more alkalized and thus healthier state.

Water is a very strong solvent. It sustains and even protects life. It carries essential minerals through the body, supplying our cells with the necessary nutrients we so desperately need. It is essential in every aspect of our lives, and because of this, getting the right type of water is vital. Many assume the more pure the water, the better. The truth is, "pure" water (distilled) is dead. Nothing can live in it, and if taken long enough it will leach out valuable minerals from the body such as calcium, Magnesium (+4X), potassium and sodium. What is more important is the right type of water. What is exactly the right type of water? The answer is alkaline. Where can one obtain such water you might ask? WaterOz now offers it in the form of the Body Alkalizer (alkaline).

A few drops of the Body Alkalizer (alkaline) in a glass of milk neutralizes the lactic acid. It takes 120 drops of the Body Alkalizer (alkaline) to neutralize your soda, and when added to normal bathtub water, (approximately 20 drops) you'll come out clean as a whistle, no soap required.

This is an amazing product!

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