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WaterOz was created to satisfy the need for mineral supplementation in todays diet

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Stabilized oxygen supplement (electrolytes of oxygen) from WaterOz

The Active Ingredient Of Our Stabilized Oxygen Is Sodium Chlorite at 32,000 parts per million

What is Stabilized Oxygen by WaterOz?

WaterOz stabilized oxygen is the best formula of liquid "electrolytes" available. WaterOz stabilized oxygen is sodium chlorite drops as were first discovered by Dr. Moises deGuevarra back in 1929. WaterOz stabilized oxygen is simply the highest quality, strongest and most stable of all the liquid "electrolytes of oxygen" now on the market (Electrolytes are substances that dissolve in water, and conduct electricity). WaterOz stabilized oxygen is a "liquid concentrate of electrolytes of oxygen", that are made available to your body, in a molecular form which are released upon contact with the stomach acid. By providing your bloodstream with molecular oxygen it is possible to kill anaerobic bacteria and other parasites on contact, without harming your tissue or friendly aerobic bacteria.

WaterOz stabilized oxygen is an oxidant similar in effect to Hydrogen Peroxide, but is more stable, because instead of releasing gas in the stomach, they react with the stomach acid, and release "molecular" oxygen. Even though WaterOz stabilized oxygen is many times more effective than hydrogen peroxide as an oxidant there doesn't seem to be any nauseous feelings or unpleasant taste from the WaterOz stabilized oxygen.

Stabilized oxygen has been described as the vital nutrient -- vitamin 'O.' But can you simply take it as a daily oxygen supplement? The answer is yes. What then is the downside? There is none. To date, research has not demonstrated significant health hazards from the use of oxygen supplements. -John Muntz, D.O., Ph.D., The Case for Stabilized Oxygen. Health World. August 1991. p. 12

The reason we believe the WaterOz stabilized oxygen works so well is the specific "enzyme enhancing" qualities of the chlorite ion. Chemically speaking, the chlorite ion is a molecule of chlorine and oxygen with a strong negative charge. The same molecule with a neutral charge is chlorine dioxide, an even more potent oxidizer and a super effective killer of microbes.

We believe that if a person could maintain a robust cellular oxidation, meaning that virtually every cell in your body is functioning well, disease conditions don't have a chance. We believe that when our cell oxidation is diminished, due to stress and pollution and junk foods, we are opened up to degeneration, fatigue and sickness. WaterOz stabilized oxygen provides your body with a remarkably stable form of chlorite, which is chlorine and oxygen. (This is not the unhealthy form of chlorine that we encounter in swimming pools, this is a stabilized form of pure chlorine and oxygen).

Stabilized oxygen, used in conjunction with mineral supplements, may be an excellent therapeutic tool for treating physiological disorders including chronic fatigue syndrome, immune deficiency disorders and several pain related disorders. - James D. Aker, M.S., P.A., P.P.A., Capillary Martin Microscope Oxygen Saturation Test conducted using Activated Stabilized Oxygen Solution at 100% Full Concentration. April 10, 1998

Extra oxygen is released into your blood stream, and though it's minimal when compared to the amount of oxygen you breathe into your lungs, the dissolved oxygen is very beneficial to your metabolism. We believe the chlorite molecule is used by the body as a substrate for a number of important enzymes that help improve cell oxidation, and that's a major value in a dietary supplement. Most people don't know it, but the most abundant element found in healthy human blood is chlorine, followed by sodium, calcium, Magnesium (+4X), iron and so forth. Obviously your blood needs quality chlorine. Our four-ounce dropper bottle of WaterOz stabilized oxygen is a 120-day supply when you take the suggested 20 drops - 10 twice a day. The stabilized oxygen liquid in the bottle is highly alkaline, yet it seems to remain stable even after contacting the low pH of stomach acid.

When you dilute WaterOz stabilized oxygen in water, the highly alkaline pH is rapidly lowered from pH 12- 13 to about pH 8.6. This lowering of the pH of the water causes the separation of chlorite ions and stabilized oxygen molecules (O2) from the sodium atoms. Tiny amounts of chlorine dioxide are also released. This reaction destroys microbes in the water, which makes WaterOz stabilized oxygen a good thing to have on hand when traveling in a foreign county. When the WaterOz stabilized oxygen is swallowed, it should encounter stomach acid with a normal pH of 3 to 4. The reaction created in the stomach environment is even stronger and it generates more molecular oxygen and more chlorite ions and more chlorine dioxide.

Stabilized oxygen appears to be very toxic to bacteria, protozoa, fungus and parasitic organisms that were examined. - John E. Ubelaker, Ph.D., Professor of Biology, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas

Not only do you have a wealth of energetic dissolved oxygen to be immediately absorbed into the bloodstream, but you have the specific "oxidizer" of chlorite and chlorine dioxide destroying viruses, bacteria and protozoa. WaterOz stabilized oxygen has been proven effective in killing salmonella, cholera, E coli, streptococcus, pseudomonas and staphylococcus aureus. Be sure you don't leave home without it when traveling. Yes, now you can drink the water. A 4 ounce bottle yields 2 - 10 drops dosages/day/person for 120 days. So, if you want the best cell oxidation and oxygenation boost available in easy to take droplet form, the smart choice is WaterOz stabilized oxygen.

The information above is for educational purposes only and not intended to replace the advice or attention of health care professionals. Please consult your physician before beginning or making any changes in your diet, supplements, lifestyle or advice regarding medications. The above statements are to be considered dated and subject to change as research continues. You may review our entire FDA disclaimer here.
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