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WaterOz Is out of business, the founder, David Hinkson passed in February 2022.
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Water of Life ionic mineral supplement which contains 84 minerals and 70 trace elements from WaterOz

What is Water of Life Ionic Mineral Supplement by WaterOz?

Water of Life Mineral Water is simply pure water with 84 minerals and 70 trace elements in a water soluble form, with no unpleasant taste, in a concentrate, with no salt, no additives or preservatives.

Most of the products we tested that are sold on the market make a variety of claims. These products either tasted bad or had some kind of matter growing and/or floating in the bottle and/or had a distinct acid or vinegar taste. Upon checking the pH of these products we found most of the products either had an externally acidic condition which could only be caused by adding vinegar or other acids in the leaching process. In fact we found most products we tested did not have the minerals claimed, but seemed to have a color which was not derived from minerals in the product.

No physical machine or leaching (soaking) could produce mineral particles so small or water soluble. In the natural world, plants take the metallic particles from the soil which our bodies cannot use and change them into water soluble and an Ionic form which the cells can use. For example if you receive your copper from your water pipes it is in a "colloidal" form. In this form the copper is extremely toxic, and can cause constipation and major health problems. On the other hand if you were to drink a copper product that is water soluble that is not a "colloid" you would poison your parasites and/or worms if you had any, while turning your gray hair back to its normal color while increasing the strength of your arterial walls potentially stopping an aneurysm, with absolutely no toxic effect.

It is normally noted that colloidal products can be tested using a process called the Tyndall effect. This effect can be seen when a flashlight or laser beam is shined through a colloidal suspension and you will see a cone or a red streak.

Water of Life Mineral Water is made by a very technical process. The result is simply water and soluble minerals. This is indeed the same kind of minerals that plants create for animals to digest. The particles are so small and water soluble that they stay in permanent suspension indefinitely.

How can Waqter of Life ionic mineral supplement be used?

All of the uses of Mineral Water have not been found. As technology advances we will revolutionize the way we have been using mineral supplements by providing truly absorbable digestible minerals. Medical science has proven beyond any doubt that the body can absorb essential minerals in the mineral form far more rapidly than in the pill, powder, colloidal or any other form. We believe that the Water of Life Mineral Water is the only Mineral Water that has particles that will be usable by the human body.

Already the new, high tech, mineral technology has put absorbable minerals and trace mineral products into the market with revolutionary results.

People are using it for many conditions. Taken internally at about one teaspoon to three teaspoons per day, it can absorb into all parts of the body. Because mineral deficiencies can produce various symptoms, minerals are an essential need for the human body. Insufficient amounts of absorbable minerals can lead to inefficient utilization of the foods we eat, which are lacking proper minerals. For the body to work properly, it must maintain the proper balance of all minerals. An imbalance can lead to a variety of problems. In addition, low (and high) levels of proper minerals can throw out thousands of reactions which the body is trying to perform.

Below is a partial breakdown of the major elements contained in the Water of Life Ionic Mineral Water. Not all minerals contained in this product are listed as they are in very small amounts.