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WaterOz was created to satisfy the need for mineral supplementation in todays diet

Note; WaterOz has failed to return communications since 9/25/20...
Looks like it is RIP WaterOz, if they manage to get their act together will send a notification out to the list.
Please refrain from asking for updates, we have no further information, thank you.

A sampling of customer testimonials on ionic mineral supplements manufactured by WaterOz

Thanks for the silver after 2 sessions of antibiotics without results the silver opened my heavily plugged up sinus (one side) due to over 25 years of heavy duty ocean activities. I also regained an energy that I forgot about.
M. Larronde

The copper I received seems to be working. I am using it in conjunction with the selenium. My headaches are greatly diminished. I appreciate you caring.
J. Lambert (Gulf War Vet.)

I want to tell you about my positive experience with the Silver Water. About ten years ago a drunk driver plowed into our car. I was the only one who got hurt. My face is O.K., you can't tell by just looking at me but most of my sinus cavities were cracked. My left cheek bone was broken. The doctors could only do so much back then. For 10 years I suffered with: swelling under my eyes, headaches in the middle of my forehead, a very bad cough caused by the post nasal drip, fatigue caused by all that poison going into my system, congested lungs caused by the post nasal drip, and depression. In four days, taking 1 tablespoon of the Silver Mineral supplement each day, all of my sinus problems went away, including my congested lungs!!! (I still have lungs. I can breathe now). I don't know what other good things the Silver Water is doing, but I feel really good.
S. Clifford

I am almost 75 years young and I have been using your products for almost a year with great satisfaction. Some of my friends and relatives have also cured annoying sores with the samples I gave them, eyes, ears, nose and throat infections cleared up in a matter of hours, if not in minutes. Skin, head and face sores HEAL COMPLETELY in a short time.
J. Izso

I have been taking silver every day for over a year and have not had the flu or a cold. I am 58 years old. A lady I sold a gallon of silver to has had back pain for over ten years every day. The day after she took the silver the back pain went away! The only thing I could imagine was that she had some type of spinal virus.
G. Beckwith

I want to state that after only two weeks, I noticed a reduction in the size of the tumor! I am certain that your product has helped to reduce my tumor to about half its size because it almost covered the entire breast. I have noticed the hemorrhaging in my right breast, which I have experienced since my diagnosis of moderately advanced cancer of 1-1/2 years ago. I have also had menopausal menstrual spotting for the last 10 years and it is also abating. For this I am extremely grateful.
N.L. Brown

As a clinical practitioner of chiropractic for over 10 years, I have had ample opportunity to see from an empirical standpoint how effective certain products are on my patients. The first WaterOz product I tried in my practice was the Silver Water. I must tell you that I was absolutely amazed at how well it worked on upper respiratory infections and colds! Patients report that their symptoms abated immediately, with all traces of the infection disappearing within a week. Now, I have had my own nutritional regimen which I use with my patients, and it is very effective, but never have I seen patients' symptoms vanish so quickly and the healing process speed up so dramatically.

Additionally, I appreciate the personal attention I get whenever I contact my WaterOz distributor. It is nice to deal with people who are personable and care about quality and service. I look forward to working with you and your products in the future. I am eager to discover how your other products perform on my patients.
Bruce E. Mounsey, D.C.

This letter is in response to your request as to how the WaterOz products have been working with my patients.

When using nutritional products it can be very hard to be objective when observing other people. However, since I have been using and studying the state of the art nutritional products for over 30 years, I can assure you that I know good products when I see or study them.

I was also a practicing pharmacist for 9 years before becoming a Chiropractor. I am thus familiar with pharmaceutical grade product in the nutritional industry. When I found your company and talked to Dave Hinkson, I found it was easy to talk to him and how easily he answered all my questions. The next job was to have some of the WaterOz mineral supplements tested. This was not hard because we have an excellent nutritional company here in Houston by the name of Biotics Research Corp. I was introduced to Biotics Research by some of the research biochemists at M D Anderson Research Hospital and Tumor Institute. They were purchasing enzymes from Biotics Research Corp. to do cancer research. That is how good Biotics Research Corp. is. I have known them for 20 years.

I took a bottle of WaterOz Silver solution to Biotics for some tests. They told me that these mineral solutions were indeed water soluble. When I inquired how they came to that conclusion, they said it was easy. We looked at the solutions under a high-powered microscope and could see nothing, indicating that the minerals were totally in solution.

With respect to the other products that I had previously used, their taste was horrible, indicating that much of those minerals were not water-soluble and potentially toxic to anyone who used those products.

Finally, I might add, the only way minerals can be absorbed into the body's cells is if they are water soluble. Your WaterOz mineral supplements are indeed water soluble.
Sincerely, Winston W. Greene D.C.

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